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My name is Ravi Kiran and I am a football maniac and an ardent Indian citizen. I can't expect people to read 1 line and get to know me. So let's start. As above mentioned my name is Ravi Kiran and i'm from a city called Chennai in the holy land of India. I'm currently doing my LL.B degree in Thanjavur, India. That being said and moving to more fun stuff I can state that I'm too concerned about my country and what happens around the world (and to Manchester United) that being the reason of my blog.What I crave for is my country to be prosperous and the world to be peaceful. What you will find on this blog is little bits and pieces of my daily life, things I enjoy, places I've been, my opinions on what happens to Manchester United, India and a few important issues happening around the world. Feel free to give me your most honest opinion regarding everything you see here. Wish you all the best! Ravi Kiran

When there comes a stage in life where you have to change for the better or see it going down the drain !!

I’m writing my first blog post in my life and this is one step which is among the many other changes I’m making to my life. I’m in my third year of college and it’s not been easy living outside home for the past two years. Only for the past couple of months is it that I’ve gotten accustomed to a group of friends who make my life a lot easier when I’m away from home.

In this period of two years,I got into some bad habits like smoking and drinking on a few occasions.It seems to me that I haven’t been doing any productive work in my life and that I’m just whiling away my time by doing wasteful things. My grades had taken a big tumble last semester and my parents weren’t too satisfied with that.

I am a law student and an ardent Manchester United fan. I have a lot of interest in entrepreneurial activities and in the share market in particular even though I don’t know much about it. I just hope to focus on the things that I should be doing to get my life back on track and do away with the bad habits that spoils both my health and also gives rise to unnecessary distractions in life.